How ISIS Is Creating a ‘Globalized’ Terror Network: A New Report From the FBI

In an exclusive report from Breitbart News, the FBI and the State Department reveal that ISIS is creating a new global network of terror and terrorism funding, training and financing, which is creating the infrastructure to wage war and kill, and to spread its violent ideology.

“The global ISIS terrorist network is a global phenomenon that operates independently of any single state, region, or country,” the FBI said in a press release issued Friday.

“This network is evolving at a rapid pace, as we know, and it has been operating for decades.

It is composed of a global network composed of local, regional, and international cells operating across a range of geographic and temporal boundaries, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, and South America.

ISIS has been a persistent threat to U.S. national security and foreign policy since 2014, and has been the focus of numerous counterterrorism and counter-terrorism investigations, prosecutions, and actions across the country and abroad.

The FBI and State Department have previously stated that the global ISIS terror network is comprised of more than one thousand individuals, organizations, and entities, including terrorist cells, affiliates, and cells that are active and active in more than 50 countries, including more than 200 affiliates.”

The report details how ISIS has amassed more than $300 million in cash and other assets in recent years.

“ISIS is now able to operate and maintain its infrastructure in the form of an online bank account, which it uses to conduct financial transactions in the U.K., the U/a, the U./a/a and other U.N. designated terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and others, as well as other non-state actors, including criminal gangs and drug cartels,” the report states.

“Through its global network, ISIS also has been able to conduct operations outside of the U

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