How to use a taser in the dark

A new technique that uses a simple LED to illuminate a tazer is helping police officers who are struggling to keep up with their workload.

The technology has been developed by the Royal Irish Constabulary, which is helping to run the program.

It can be used in the field by police, but not by civilians.

The idea behind the LED lights is that they give officers more information than a traditional Taser could give them.

The LED lights have the potential to be more effective in certain situations than the Taser, but the new technology still needs to be tested on a wider scale.

“In a real scenario, we need to test it in real situations, where the situation requires it,” said Assistant Chief Constable Peter Gough.

“This is something that has been tested and it works really well.”

We have been using the lights and the LED’s to help us in the training of new recruits and it’s a real benefit to us as a service,” he said.”

There’s no other way we can ensure that we’re using the best technology.”‘

We need to find ways to get more of these in the community’Police are looking at how to use the LED technology, and how they can be put to good use, when the department has a surplus of these weapons.

Assistant Chief Constable Gough said that the lights would not be used to control people but that they would be used as a way to help train people who have been deployed in dangerous situations.”

They are a great tool to teach people how to behave, and there’s no doubt about that,” he explained.”

It’s an opportunity to teach new recruits how to be a better person and what the consequences are when you make mistakes, and we’re looking at ways to have more of them in the communities.

“The new LED lights will be used at the Tasers training centre in Cork and will be sold for €10,000.”

I think we’re seeing a real opportunity here for the police to become a more diverse force, and more diverse policing, and to do a lot more with less,” Assistant Chief Detective Mark Daly said.

A number of local forces have already taken advantage of the new Taser training centre, including the South Louth and Waterford forces.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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