When a car is powered by an F1 engine

By Chris Hopkins on 09 September 2018 09:29:00A Ferrari Formula 1 car powered by a Formula 1 engine will soon be powering a Mercedes-Benz A380.

Ferrari is currently making changes to the car’s powertrain to ensure the car can use the Formula 1 powertrain.

The changes include using more carbon fibre and lightweight materials for the rear wing and front suspension, and using lightweight aluminium in the nose cone and roof.

It is also now using lightweight carbon fibre for the wing, with carbon fibre panels now being used in the wing section of the front wing.

These changes will be made for the 2018 and 2019 models, and will not be used on the 2020 model.

This means the A380 will have a new wing design and a new body design, both of which will be completely different from the one used in its current guise.

The A380 has been powered by the F1 powertrain since the mid-1980s, but has always had an aluminium engine under its hood.

F1 boss Ross Brawn has said he wants to improve the aerodynamics of the car, but it remains to be seen how much of that improvement is achievable with a carbon fibre engine.

In its current form, the A360’s carbon fibre nose cone is a mere 0.3mm thick, but will now be around 0.4mm thick.

In other words, it will be thicker than the existing nose cone, and much thinner than the previous design.

This new nose cone will provide the A280 with around 70kg of downforce, making it significantly quicker than the current A380, which is expected to be around 1.5sec faster on the straight line.

The F1 team has previously said it wants to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the engine, and it will also be possible to change the carbon fibre used in some parts of the nose, to reduce drag.

Fitting a new nosecone with a new carbon fibre wing will also help improve the airflow around the car.

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