A lot of people will have to start from scratch in the new Assassin’s Creed video game…

Posted February 16, 2020 00:06:20For many fans of the series, the series’ history is not a thing of wonder, but rather something that can be traced back to the Assassin’s creed series.

This is true for the first two games, as well as the franchise’s third installment, and the current Assassin’s story is a complicated one.

In fact, this entire series is so complex that it can take a great deal of effort to get it all to make sense.

The games, and some of the events they portray, are so complex and convoluted that it’s not possible to write a short, concise, and understandable synopsis.

There’s no telling when it will be coming back, and there’s no way to know if Ubisoft’s long-time developer is still working on a sequel, a new entry in the franchise, or something completely different altogether.

However, the next installment, due to be released on March 7, 2020, will be Ubisoft’s first-ever attempt at taking a new, modern, and accessible take on the Assassin series.

While it may be a bit of a leap from the series that started with Assassin’s Cry and continues with Assassin: Bloodlines, Assassin’s Brotherhood is a fresh take on an old game.

While some fans may be disappointed with the current game, there are enough positives that it makes for a very good addition to the series.

So let’s dive in, shall we?1.

The game starts with a big, sweeping, and ambitious adventure to save the world.

While this may seem obvious, Assassin: Brotherhood does not need to be told by the player in order to enjoy it.

There is no need to know everything about the plot of the game.

The story is told from the perspective of a new character named Jacob, and he is tasked with saving the world from a rogue faction of Templars.

There are numerous characters in the game, from Assassin-turned-soldier Connor to a mysterious masked figure known only as “the Masked Assassin.”

All of them have their own motivations for participating in this mission.

However the most prominent member of this faction is Jacob, who has to face a group of Templar soldiers who are attacking a town.

The objective of this mission is to save a group called the Brotherhood, who are members of a mysterious organization known as the Order.

There were some plot twists that came into play as the story progressed, but most of it came from Jacob’s own character arc, as he began the mission as a child and went on to become a well-rounded and well-respected member of the Assassin Order.

The Order, as a group, were originally known as “The Order of Assassins,” but they eventually became the Brotherhood.

This led to Jacob’s decision to join up with them, and ultimately become a member.2.

The first mission involves the Templar-turned mercenary who’s hired by a mysterious figure known as The Masked Templar.

This figure is known as John Connor, and it’s his job to help The Mask.

This mission involves traveling to a remote island in the Caribbean.

The island is home to a secret facility called The Sanctuary.

This facility contains a mysterious device called the Black Blade, which can turn anyone into a cyborg, or at least one who can control a mechanical body.

The mask John Connor wears, while it’s still the mask that he was wearing at the beginning of the video game series, is the Black Knight’s disguise.

The Black Knight has a few lines, but the bulk of the story takes place in the Black Sanctuary.

As a mercenary, John Connor is tasked to protect the island from a group known as an “Enclave.”

This group has taken control of the island and is intent on keeping it from being used as a base of operations for an army of cyborgs known as Templars that have infiltrated the island.

In order to protect The Sanctuary, John must go to the Sanctuary and defeat the Enclave, a group that includes members of the Order of Templiers.

In addition to John Connor and the Black Knights, the rest of the mercenaries in the mission are members that have participated in the earlier games, including the Templar that was hired by The Mask and the Templar leader named Anastasia.

There will be a lot of back-story in this game, as The Sanctuary is home base for a number of Templaries.

The main characters in Assassin’s Bloodlines are all from The Sanctuary and have all been involved in the previous games.

Connor is the only one of them who has not been in the series since the first game.3.

The mission itself is a bit simple, with Connor’s goal being to capture the Black Mask and get him to a safe place, but it’s quite a long way from the game’s plot.

The real game begins when Connor is assigned to escort a captured Templar to a place called the island called Paradise.

While there, Connor will be attacked by a group who

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