How to get your pet on the Internet (in one handy step)

An Australian woman has found a way to connect her pet to the internet using her computer.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she had installed the software and was using it to find people who were having issues with their pets.

“I found a person who had an Australian Shepherd, so I downloaded the software,” she said.

“He had the same issue with the software as mine.”

The software, called WAN, was designed to be used to connect pets to the web.

“It’s just a little app that lets you connect your pet to a computer and then it will show you the websites where they can access their favorite websites,” she explained.

“And then you can also add the sites to your own search or search for the website you want.”

The WAN app is currently free for use on Windows and Mac computers, but users can buy it for $20 a month or $60 a year.

“If you just want to have one of your own, you can just install the software, download it, and it will connect your dog to the Internet,” Ms Doolan said.

The software is free and it allows users to access any of the Internet’s major services, including Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

“When I was using WAN for the first time, I found out that the site that I was on was a Netflix site, so it was like a really easy way for me to access that site,” Ms Hough said.

“Then I just used the app to go to my favorite Netflix site and I was able to watch some Netflix shows that I had been wanting to watch.”

The app was originally developed for the Apple TV, but has been extended to the iPhone.

“This app is actually able to do all the things that you would normally have to do to connect to the local Wi-Fi network,” Ms Farr said.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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