When the F1 season ends, it’s going to be like the first half of The Avengers

4.7K Shares Share On Tuesday, January 14, 2018 11:06AM ET The FIA’s 2018 Formula One season is ending.

With the end of the season, the FIA will have to decide how to continue the sport and how it will be managed.

While the rules and regulations are set in stone, the future is uncertain.

That means a lot of decisions and changes are going to have to be made for the future of F1.

The question is whether the FIA can keep the sport going in the coming years.

We asked a panel of experts to discuss the future for F1 and the FIA’s strategy.

Here are their answers.

How will the FIA decide how the sport will be run?

What is the next step in the development of F2?

How do we improve the infrastructure to keep up with the changing needs of F3 and F4?

How will Formula 1’s commercial revenue be used?

Will we see the same amount of money flowing into the sport as we saw during the last four years?

Will the teams continue to pay the salaries they’re being paid, or will the drivers be paid more?

How long will the financial impact of the 2017 crash be felt?

Will teams have to pay more for engine components and engine parts than the last season?

Will driver pay be reduced?

Will there be more driver payouts?

How much of the financial risk of F4 will be covered by teams and drivers?

How big will the budgets of F6 and F7 be?

What will the regulations be?

Who will be the new owners?

Will drivers be able to compete on the same terms as F1 drivers?

Will F1 be able run at the same speeds as F3 cars?

What kind of technology will be needed to bring F1 back to its previous levels of competitiveness?

Who decides who will race F1 cars?

Will it be a single-car or multi-car team?

Who is responsible for all the rules, regulations, technical rules, and regulations?

Will FIA make the decision to stop F1 entirely?

What impact will it have on the sport?

How is it going to change the way we watch the sport, and how will we access the content?

What can we do to protect the F2 Series?

Will more cars be available in F3 or F4 than in F1?

How many F1 races can we watch in the F3/F4 format?

How quickly can F1 become more and more popular?

How are F1 teams going to manage a financial burden of millions of dollars a year?

How can the sport survive if it is a multi-billion-dollar business?

What happens if we can’t continue the race?

What do we do when F1 runs into trouble?

Will all of F11 go?

Can we see a new round?

What does F1’s financial model look like?

Will Formula 1 get rid of the “big three” teams in order to focus on F3?

How far can F4 grow?

How expensive is the new car?

What are the financial implications of the rules?

How hard will it be to bring the sport back to the level of F5 in F4 and F3 with the money that we have now?

What about the “super cars”?

What will happen to F3 if it loses its World Championship?

Will cars be allowed to race in a race-like format?

Will other drivers be allowed into F1 at all?

Will fans have a choice?

What would the future hold if the cars were allowed to be driven in a separate race?

Will any of the new cars be as powerful as F6 or F7?

What changes will be made to the cars?

How difficult will it then be to compete with F3, F4, or F5?

Will they be allowed in the new regulations?

How tough is it for F2 teams to keep pace with F1s new cars?

Can F1 make it competitive with F2s current cars?

The future of Formula 1 is very uncertain, and a lot will depend on the outcome of the current season.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions we posed to experts: Are there plans to have a new race in 2018?

Can the sport be revived as a multiyear sport?

Is there a way to make F1 a multirace sport?

Will some teams and cars be able compete in a single race or in multiple races?

How often will we see teams compete in the same season as F2 or F3 teams?

How does it compare to F1 today?

What could be the next steps for the sport if F1 is able to keep going?

What types of cars will be available?

How would a race change the economics of F10?

Can you imagine what F1 would look like without cars?

Would F1 have a separate car category?

Will a series run in a format similar to F5 or F6?

Will new cars need

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