Norton: ‘Not a very good idea’ to buy a ‘smart’ security product

The Nortons product is a self-learning security camera that learns from its users.

It is designed to detect and alert users of intrusions and threats.

“I think it’s not a very great idea to buy that, but I think it will become more mainstream in the next two or three years,” said Chris Wood, senior director of security at Norton, in a CNBC interview.

“A lot of companies are trying to go into this space now.”

Norton has partnered with Microsoft to bring a security camera to the consumer market.

The company said the security camera can track people’s movement across the home, and can alert users when they are at home.

It can also track users’ interactions with a connected device, and when they use their phone or computer.

“It’s just a very simple system and the idea of having a sensor that’s a little bit smarter than a human and is actually capable of learning and then alerting us when we’re about to be at home and when we are at work is really exciting,” said Wood.

“The idea of using a smart home device is so exciting to us and it’s exciting to see where the technology goes.”

In the interview, Wood said he believes the camera will be able to detect more than just people and objects, which could include smart thermostats, cameras, or other connected devices.

He also noted that Norton is working on a self learning security camera for the home.

He said the company is working with the makers of Microsoft’s Kinect, as well as security researchers, to build out their own hardware and software to make that a reality.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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