Aussie companies trying to win back customers with machine tools

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMPWU) has accused multinational companies of ignoring workers’ rights and pushing through the use of machines at the expense of workers’ wages.

Key points:AAPWU’s general secretary, Chris Walker, said the industry was struggling to cope with the effects of the mining boom in the mid-2000sAPWUs general secretary said the manufacturing sector was struggling with the impact of the global mining boom”AAPWs general secretary Chris Walker said the Australian Manufacturing workers’ union had spoken to industry workers at a number of industry companies and told them the use and impact of machines was an issue.”

This is a very serious issue and it has had a significant impact on the wellbeing of workers,” Mr Walker said.”

It has been a long time coming.

We have got the machines but we don’t have the people.

“Mr Walker said machines were increasingly used to do work which was not done by the workers themselves.”

Many of the jobs we do in the industry are now being done by robots,” he said.

He said the machinery used for these types of work were becoming more sophisticated and it was becoming harder to make them safe.

Mr Walker called for the Federal Government to invest $10 million a year into apprenticeships and support apprenticeships to help young people find jobs.”

The machines are changing the world, they’re changing the way the world is done and they’re making a lot of people quite miserable,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

What the Government has got to do is support apprenticeship and support people in the process of getting those jobs.

“The apprenticeships are the way of life for Australian apprentices, the apprenticeships have been the model of apprenticeship in the past.”‘

No excuse’The Victorian Government said the state’s apprenticeships would be the first in Australia to be funded by the Government’s $10 billion apprenticeship package, which has been earmarked for the industrial sector.

“We will provide a significant increase in funding to apprenticeships in the coming years, particularly in the manufacturing industry,” the Minister for Trade and Industry, Greg Hunt, said.

Mr Hunt said the Government was “absolutely committed” to apprenticeship, which is one of the biggest economic drivers for the state.

“A lot of the apprentices are struggling, they’ve been struggling for the last few years,” he added.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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