Trump, Trump-linked company set to build an automated data mining tool that will export its data to an online database

Trump and his company, Kaspersky Lab, have partnered with Microsoft to develop a machine learning tool that is set to export its own data to a Microsoft Azure cloud database.

The Trump campaign is said to have been in the process of hiring the firm for the new product since late 2016.

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment.

Trump’s team has been looking for an automated machine learning product to boost his campaign’s predictive and persuasion capabilities.

The Trump campaign’s VP candidate, Mike Pence, has also touted the Kasperska product as one of his top campaign priorities.

The company’s tool, dubbed Kasperski Lab Machine Intelligence Analyzer, is reportedly designed to aid Trump’s campaign in a variety of ways.

The tool would analyze all data collected from the campaign, and then create a database of candidate positions that would then be used to help determine which voters would be most receptive to Trump’s messages.

According to the company, this could be used in conjunction with a machine translation tool to translate candidate stances into plain English, in a way that would make them more digestible to voters.

This, in turn, could help Trump’s candidate campaign to better connect with the general electorate, who tend to be less politically engaged than Democrats.

The Kaspersk tool is reportedly being developed in partnership with a Microsoft team.

Kasperskov, who previously worked for the White House Office of Strategic Services, has previously worked on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.

Microsoft declined to respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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