When a machine tool gets a new name, it means it’s getting a new set of rules

How does a machine-tool maker change the name of a product? 

In this case, it’s Pinnacle Machine Tools.

A few years ago, Pinnacle went through a big transition with a change to their brand.

The old name “machine tools” became “lucans”.

When Pinnacle introduced the new name for the company, it seemed the new rules weren’t exactly clear.

“I think that’s what happened.

It’s a very new name,” said Pinnacle’s head of brand, Rob Bowers.

“The people at Pinnacle wanted a new one so we looked for a name that didn’t conflict with the brand and they gave us the one that was more easily understandable.” 

“There were some problems with the new one, especially with the fact that we’ve always been known as the brand that invented the screwdriver,” he said.

“We’ve always made screwdrivers.” 

As the company grew, the brand became synonymous with innovation and the best in machine tools.

“There’s this whole new wave of machines and we wanted to go forward and really change the way we do things,” Bowers said.

Pinnacle made their own screwdrivers to try and help them out.

Rob Bowers at Pinnacles brand store in Perth.

They also looked at other brand names that would allow them to use a different brand name for a product.

With Pinnacle, they went with the name they knew.

“You’ve got a lot of the name recognition that comes from being the name that created it,” Bower said.

“If you were to change it, that’s when you’d get a lot more problems.”

It’s an incredibly exciting moment for Pinnacle.

“The name change was also a challenge for Pinnacle’s product lines, which have a huge range of tools.

As a result, Pinnables machines often use a number of different brands.

One of those is the Lucans brand.

The Lucans line has been around since the 1970s, but they’ve only had one name for it since the 1990s.

When the Lucan brand was acquired by Pinnacle in 2000, the new owners had to change their brand name.

After a few years, they started to see a few new Lucans products coming out.”

That was a huge challenge, but we got through it,” said Bowers, who added that it was “probably one of the most fun times” working with Lucans.

There was also another challenge for the new brand, because Lucans is a name of an industrial company.

The name Lucans was then chosen to make the new machine tool name.””

They were not looking for a big company name,” Bairs said. 

The name Lucans was then chosen to make the new machine tool name.

“As we changed the name, we also changed the way our machines worked,” he explained.

For the Pinnacle Lucans machine tools in the shop, they also switched from a screwdriver to a hammer.

“The screwdriver is the hammer, the hammer is the screw,” he told News 24.

But what about the name Lucan?

“We were looking for something that wasn’t associated with the Lucanos brand, and that didn to mean it didn’t match the brand name,” he continued.

“They’ve got this really amazing tool and we’ve got to make it look like that.

I think a lot the company name is a bit of a joke.”

Pinnacle MachineTools is still making machines but they’re not making as many as they used to.

At the end of 2016, they made just a handful of machines, with some of them being sold to customers for just under $1,000.

What about the other machines that still exist in the Lucanas shop?

They’re still making them.

In 2018, PPL also changed their name to Pinnacle Precision.

“Pinnacle Precision is the name for our manufacturing facilities that we have in Perth,” Bools said.

That’s when the name was changed again, to Lucan Precision.

The new name is an interesting one, said Bairs.

“If you look at the history of the brand, it was a name associated with this company that made this screwdriver, and we were looking to change that name because it wasn’t going to match the Lucano brand,” he added. 

Lucanos machine tools in the shop.

Lucanos is also a brand name that is associated with Pinnacle machines. 

But Pinnacle isn’t the only brand that changed its name during the name change. 

Other companies have also changed names during the brand change.

That includes the Siemens machine

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