How to make a gun in the microwave

A team of researchers from the University of Alabama at Tulsa (UAT) have developed a microwave gun that could be made in a matter of minutes, using only a few hours of microwaves.

The researchers have now developed a gun that uses microwaves to heat a steel surface and the resulting magnetic flux.

This allows for a very high temperature and high power output without any significant loss of quality. 

According to the UAT, the technology could also be used to create laser pointers, laser scanners and other types of lasers that are much more energy-efficient.

This could make it possible for researchers to make more advanced microwave guns, according to the team.

In the future, it could also become possible to make this type of gun using the same process.

“It would not be difficult to make the microwave gun with a high power-to-weight ratio, as we have shown in our work,” lead researcher Dr. Kevin Gillen told ABC News. 

“There is a lot of technology already available for this, but this is the first time we have made a real gun using microwaves, and we think it will change the way we can build these things.”

Researchers from the team of Kevin Gillesen, Mina Avila, and Matthew W. Gillen of the University at Tula, Alabama, create a microwavegun by heating steel, making a magnetic flux, and then making the gun by combining the two.

Credit: University of Ala.

at TULA/UATFor this study, Gillesesen and his team first created a microwave weapon in which they used a stainless steel core and a nickel alloy.

They then made the weapon out of steel and aluminum, using a process known as supercritical electrocatalysis, which allows the steel to become magnetized.

They cooled the steel and coated it with nickel and aluminum.

This allowed them to make multiple layers of the alloy and heat the entire assembly.

The team then heated the whole assembly with microwave power and created a high-temperature, high-power microwave.

The microwave caused the metal to become electrically charged, causing it to spontaneously form a magnetic field.

This field was used to magnetize the steel into a solid surface, which then formed a magnetic ring.

The ring was then heated and cooled again to create a magnetic structure that was then used to make another surface that was heated and coated.

The result was an extremely strong and highly-conductive microwave weapon, which produced an output of about 8,000 microwatts. 

This means that the microwave weapon can produce a beam of light that could penetrate through steel to about 5 meters away. 

The UAT researchers say this is a very powerful microwave weapon that can heat a target and produce a magnetic beam, even when it is not being used for combat.

“There are a lot more advanced applications for microwave weapons,” Gillesens said.

“This could lead to a whole range of new applications, including a laser that is able to reach a much higher energy than we could achieve using traditional lasers.” 

This is not the first use of microwave technology to create an actual weapon.

In 2016, scientists from the U.K. developed a similar microwave gun using a high quality zinc alloy and a magnetic core, which could be used for weapons and devices that are difficult to obtain, such as lasers and other energy-absorbing devices.

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